Tax Deeded Land Sales

The Dane County Treasurer on an intermittent basis will offer the sale of deeded tax lands, under the authority of sections 73.35 and 75.69, Wisconsin Statutes. The treasurer under the general oversight of the finance committee of the Dane County Board of Supervisors is empowered to manage and sell, subject to the approval of the committee, tax deeded lands.

The treasurer will publish a notice for the sale of tax-deeded lands, describing each parcel for sale, its appraised value, and the date on and after which the parcel will be available for purchase. The former owner can be given preference over others on the purchase of the properties. The treasurer shall give notice of the privilege to redeem tax deeded lands to the former owner by sending a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the former owner at his or her last known address. The privilege of repurchasing tax-deeded lands under this section shall expire if the former owner does not exercise the privilege within 60 days of delivery of the notice from the treasurer under subsection. The treasurer shall not sell any tax deeded lands to the former owner unless the former owner pays all real estate taxes, including special assessments, then due and owing together with the interest and penalty thereon plus service charges to said lands equal to one percent (1%) of the equalized value of the tax deeded lands.

On the date of sale, the treasurer shall accept offers for each parcel of tax-deeded lands available for sale on that date. On such date, the treasurer shall sell each parcel to the highest bidder whose unconditional bid is equal to or exceeds the advertised appraised value of the parcel. At the same price or within ten percent (10%) of each other, unconditional bids shall be given preference over conditional offers. Information about county property sales can be also be found on the AccessDane website.

For more information about county tax deeded land sales, please check the tax deed auction website or contact the Treasurer’s Office at 608-266-4151.