Privacy Statement

This website is administered by Dane County, Wisconsin. Dane County is subject to a variety of state statutes governing public records and privacy rights. In advance of our decision to place data on this website, we sought legal guidance and obtained local citizen input. While the law recognizes that "it is not an invasion of privacy to communicate any information available to the public as a matter of public record," it also protects the rights of individuals from having certain personally identifiable information disseminated. In an effort to balance these competing interests, the following policy has been adopted:

It is the intent of Dane County government to provide access to public records while protecting the privacy interests of citizens in the community.
Dane County will provide certain public records in an electronic format via the Internet as a service to the community. Names of property owners shall be available on the public view of AccessDane parcel information on the Internet, except that these name(s) shall be removed upon the request of the individual property owner(s).

Individuals who request their names be removed from the AccessDane site should be aware that AccessDane parcel information, including property owner names, will be available for municipal offices and other institutions that need access to conduct public duties. Public records maintained by county offices remain available for viewing at the City-County Building:

210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
City-County Bldg. Room 116
Madison, WI 53703

To find out more about Wisconsin's public access statutes, contact your Wisconsin state senator or representative by calling 1-800-362-9472.