AccessDane Property Search Instructions

AccessDane search functionality now includes two methods to search for property information. One method, the QUICK SEARCH, will be available at any time to quickly enter search information and retrieve the desired property information. While this search is intended to efficiently navigate properties, there will be some limitations as searches can only be performed for property owners, property address, and parcel number. For users who require different search criteria, the more traditional ADVANCED SEARCH will be available as well.


Please select:  

  • To begin, select the button option you'd like to search, either Owner, Address, or Parcel
  • Next, type the information to be searched in the search bar
  • Finally, select <Search> or hit <Enter>
  • A valid search will return either one result, which will display the property record, or many, which will show all the results that matched the search criteria

Helpful Hints!

  • The search function includes a type-ahead feature, whicih means that it will begin to list valid searches based on what has been entered. You are able to either continue typing or select from the pre-populated results list that begins to display. This feature is dynamic and will change as more information is typed.
  • Owner name should be entered First - Middle - Last; if you don't have all of that information anything can be used. The search is a "contained in" query, so it will search the entire field with that criteria.
  • Address search can consist of any portion of a street address. Do not include a municipality.
  • Parcel Number search can include dashes, prefixes, or be partial numbers.